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About Wotzal

Wotzal is the brainchild of Added Bytes, a product development company based in the south of the UK. Our commercial focus is Readable, a suite of tools to help writers express themselves more clearly.

It was born out of necessity. Added Bytes' founder, Dave, has three small children, and they are learning maths at school. He wanted an app that would let the kids practice maths puzzles, compete with the rest of the family and schoolmates (if they wanted), that was adaptive to their ability, and that was completely free.

The little monsters seemed to enjoy the basic few dozen puzzles Wotzal started with, so we've expanded the set and Wotzal now has 806,976 individual maths puzzles.

Wotzal also includes a Teams feature, where anyone (teacher, parent, company boss) can create a team and invite new or existing Wotzal users to join it. Users can join any number of teams. When you're in a team, the person who runs the team can see what puzzles you've attempted and how you've done with them.

You can follow Wotzal on Twitter to keep up with news and developments.